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Over the years MFF has concentrated on being a leader in inventory control and has designed its own inhouse bar coding system for tracking all of its storage items. This system is constantly being upgraded to be the best in the industry. The number one asset to MFF is our inventory control.


MFF was formed in 1971 with the purchase of the plant in Plymouth, FL and Leesburg, FL from Teacher's Insurance Company. The financing for the purchase was funded by Connecticut Mutual Insurance Company for a 51% ownership interest. The other 49% interest was owned by various partners. 

In 1974 they purchased a 20 acres tract of land that was formerly operated by Tropicana Juice Company on the water in Port Canaveral. Mr. Patrick Lee was hired to run this facility because of his background in ocean shipping business.

Mr. Lee was made a partner in the company in 1984. In 1988 a loan was placed to pay off connecticut Mutual and to buy their interest in the business and to buy out any other partners that wanted to sell. 

Now the company is owned by Patrick Lee, the estate of Willow Cox and the estate of Bob Ward.